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In close cooperation with the brands, we imagine their unique objects designed according to virtuous and innovative processes. 


On a daily basis, we analyze your unique projects to compose specific tailor-made answers. 


The dedicated team shares the search for ideas, personalized combinations ex-nihilo, according to the specifications elaborated jointly with the brand


After the design phase, we offer quotations and custom sampling. This process allows us to validate the feasibility of each track. 


The appropriate partner factory takes over the manufacturing process, in continuous interaction with our purchasing, quality and supply chain teams. 


The supply is made according to your procedures, each custom-made device in one point in the world or in dispatch, with or without co-packing.  


The object must be useful, beautiful and light: design, quality, price engage our social, ecological and economic responsibility.  


We are passionate about making your brands stand out, transforming your project into a useful, beautiful and simple object is our ambition!

An object is beautiful when it embraces its function and when it goes through time keeping its use and its charm

Imagined and developed by us, they are custom-made and meet environmental and societal requirements.  

Well designed and well made, your object is your brand. Harmonious, it is a statement, universal, the guarantee of a fair price and sustainable development. Manufactured by specialized manufacturers, they gain value over time. 


The geographical distribution of our partner factories, Emea and Asia, cultivates their know-how while standardizing time and transport costs.


By preserving the principle of true price, we solicit budgets that commit to qualitative and societal progress.  

Every day we invest our operational and strategic means to cooperate in the development and production of your branded objects. 

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