Our specialized teams monitor each unique project, guaranteeing complete control over every phase of development, from ideation to delivery. 

Augusta advises then controls the entire supply chain: sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and shipping.

Our designers elaborate trend books, inspirations boards, hand sketches, 2D visuals and 3D renderings. 

Our product developers work alongside our partner factories, which are audited every year and at the demand of the client, fulfilling CSR regulations 

In compliance with international regulations, standards, and certifications, tests and quality checks are performed both by our teams and by accredited agencies such as UL, SGS, Intertek and TUV.


Our commitment to social, environmental, and economical concerns is an integral part of what we do. 


This balance comes natural to us; between our two founders’ academic and professional backgrounds – a biologist and an economist – this makes us uncompromising on these three criteria.

Since our inception, we select our partners respecting these exigencies. 

Implementation of worldwide regulations guarantees decent labor and life standards for workers, and our product development teams take the extra step to ensure these practices are being followed. 

And when it comes to the environment, revaluating human activities in our damaged ecosystems requires concrete solutions: regulating consumption of natural resources, treating and recycling production waste, rationalizing energy consumption, and promoting green products (Prop 65, REACH norm, ROHS norm, etc.). 


Taxes, tariffs, social and environmental audits, laboratory testing, certifications, and quality control are all considered and complied to in the development of our objects.


The strategic conscious geographical selection of our partners (Europe, USA and Asia) allows us to hand-select each object’s crafting, and to rationalize turnarounds and shipping costs.