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We have always believed that objects should be useful and sustainable, and that their life cycle and price are the responsibility of all of us.  

Our ethical practices, formalized in our charter and policies, provide a reliable and honest framework for all our partners: customers, manufacturers and service providers.


Ethical ecosystem and balance are the foundation of our values: social, environmental and economic responsibility. A voluntary and independent approach, it is part of a dynamic of reasoned progress and continuous improvement.  

Value control from design to delivery:  

With each new project, everything starts with the advice of virtuous and frugal alternative solutions, processes and innovative materials. With a sober design, the object and its packaging are eco-designed, from the choice of materials to their use.    

Our partner manufacturers, located in Europe and Asia, are audited by our quality team and an independent organization on a regular basis. We focus on the quality and performance of the object with the objective of reducing waste and eco-management of waste. For example, we do away with unit packaging or use certified eco-friendly packaging.  

Our freight forwarders, eco-labeled, are gradually reducing their carbon footprint. 

Digitalized administrative management, grouped payments and compliance with payment conditions complete our CSR action.  

Taxes, CSR audits, standards, certifications, tests, quality controls, virtuous technical processes influence prices. 

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